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Alpha Signal and App for Stock Investor

We are generating equity alpha signal and our objective is to ease the retail trading experience.

Wrapping numbers and sentiment for accuracy will help users to know the sentiment and their deviation from average.
Investors many times go for imaginary estimation of impact of news but landed up many time at a wrong level due to bias behaviour. Our service is for quantifying sentiment from large pool of active investors and also learning the magnitude of effect of news to asset price will widen up medium of estimations and predictions. Those indirectly will help investors to reduce risk and will assist them for finding accuracy.
Major Investors are more biased to buy and sell side price estimation. This over reliance to estimated price disclosed by broker/investment houses which has many times huge deviation leads to confusion and loss. Application of analytics and technologies can possible to help them to be more informed before decision making. So a large pool of individuals in India will be benefited before any investment in listed stocks. Applications of data analysis, data science, data mining etc. are hype and catching up in India. These services include a broad spectrum like predictive analytics, algorithmic strategy building, machine learning, API creation and integration, mobile apps development,computer Vision, deep learning etc. Our service is part of that revolution. The value chain starts from common point of data acquisition from website as an input to a Machine Learning app to get output for estimation and prediction of direction of Index and selected stocks are AI companion to retail,proprietor desk and HNI investors. This application is for prediction of price,sentiment to increase accuracy of trading and error correction.

  • Deep learning based model
  • Own database and analysis to filter stocks
  • Easing to build portfolio of stocks to beat index
  • Sentiment analysis of stocks and News
  • Impact probability and backtesting based ranking
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Equity Alpha Signal for external investment

Pythonic tick daily databased platform for alpha generation

App for simplifying retail investor's equity trading experience


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